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Kaohsiung High Administrative Court




To implement the measures of providing convenient and polite services to people, and create a people-centered judicial service environment, business-related services are gathered on the ground floor to centralize service and increase the quality and efficiency of service. The service measures are as follows:

1. Standing volunteers and wheelchairs are at the entrance on the ground floor to provide services to people.

2. A single-window integrated service center has been established to provide services to people including receiving and issuing documents, receiving official judicial forms for filing (including faxed documents ), fee collections, and applications for copying and browsing.

3. Designated staff at the Litigation Counseling Section in the single-window integrated service center provide people consultation service regarding litigation procedure and related issues. In addition, litigation examples, attorney name lists, and information related to collected trials of the Court are provided for people9s reference.

4. Touch Panel Computer Inquiry Machines have been established for people to check information on trial dates and the main text of a court verdict.

5. Open email boxes and confidential email boxes have been established for people.

6. Designated staff take shifts at noon hour, night, and on holidays.

7. Breastfeeding (Collecting) rooms have been established to provide privacy and

convenient breastfeeding for females in compliance with Standards for Establishment and Administration of Public Breastfeeding (Collecting) Rooms promulgated by Department of Health, Executive Yuan.

8. From February 16, 2009 on, people may pay judicial costs via ATM and at the counters of Taiwan Bank; they may also make payments of judicial costs at convenience stores in Taiwan from July 1, 2009.

9. Information that is on the Court’s global information website will be updated at all times providing various convenient services of trial process and process tracking online to people

10. The United Service Center offers attorney robes for lawyers. People may borrow reading glasses and umbrellas at the Center as well.

11. The Court has created a wireless network environment to meet the needs of people who are computer users.

12. The Court has set up maps and guide signs of courtrooms and offices at appropriate places. To create a foreigner-friendly environment and provide complete judicial services to foreigners, the relevant marks and signs are written in both Chinese and English to implement the goal of judicial internationalization.

13. The Court posts verdicts or clips of cases that harm the reputation of justice on message boards established at prominent places to get people’s attention and prevent them from being cheated.

14. Restrooms have been established in the lobby on the ground floor for litigants, Expert Witness, and litigation agents who can keep track of trial procedures in time via display devices in each restroom.

15. To collect suggestions for reform of judicial business from the public, the Court has established suggestion boxes and designated personnel of the Civil Service Ethics Office to manage the opinions every day.

16. The Court has enhanced various barrier-free facilities which meet the criteria for a barrier-free built environment. For example, handicapped parking spaces and exclusive service bells are established for handicapped litigants, and people who deliver official judicial forms for filing at night.

  • Release Date:2021-04-29
  • Update:2021-05-10