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 Administrative Litigation System
 Two-Level Two Instance
 Types of Litigations
 General Litigation Procedures and Simple Litigation Procedures
 Procedures for Retrials
 Preservation Procedures
 Applicability of Civil Procedure Code
 Address of the Court and Jurisdiction Areas
 Organization System
 Establishment of Tainan Court for the Benefit of People in Yunlin, Chiayi and Tainan
 Characteristics and Achievements
In the past few decades, Taiwan has enjoyed remarkable progress in politics, economics and culture while industry and commerce have been booming and there has been significant social change. Thanks to the popularity of education and the enlightenment of the public, the number of administrative litigations has greatly increased.
The Administrative Litigation Act promulgated on June 23, 1933 is no longer able to meet the actual needs. Because of this, the Judicial Yuan established the Committee for Research into the Amending the Administrative Litigation System in July 1981 and started research into amending the administrative litigation system. After cautious research and reviews over 11 years, a draft of the amendment was completed and submitted to the Legislative Yuan for three readings. It was promulgated by the President on October 28, 1998. Also on February 3, 1999, the Act of the Organic Law of the Administrative Court was promulgated.
The administrative court is divided into two levels of high courts and the supreme administrative court. Nevertheless, it involved major changes in trial levels and litigation procedures and required relevant preparation; the Judicial Yuan, therefore, requested the above two significant amendments to be promulgated on July 1, 2000 and approved the establishment of Taipei High Administrative Court, Taichung High Administrative Court and Kaohsiung High Administrative Court the same day.
The original administrative court was reorganized into the Supreme Administrative Court. The Court was established because of the abovementioned new system.
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