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 Administrative Litigation System
 Two-Level Two Instance
 Types of Litigations
 General Litigation Procedures and Simple Litigation Procedures
 Procedures for Retrials
 Preservation Procedures
 Applicability of Civil Procedure Code
 Address of the Court and Jurisdiction Areas
 Organization System
 Establishment of Tainan Court for the Benefit of People in Yunlin, Chiayi and Tainan
 Characteristics and Achievements
Establishment of Tainan Court to Benefit People in Yunlin, Chiayi and Tainan
I: Background
To enhance our services to the public and assist people in Tainan, Chiayi and Yunlin in to file appeals, the Court established Tainan Court on June 26, 2002 to try appeals from the Yunlin, Chiayi and Tainan areas in order to carry out our mission of serving the public.
II: Address of Tainan Court and Layout
(i)Tainan Court is located at No. 6, Lane 125, Zhong Yi Road Sec. 1, Tainan City. It takes about twenty minutes to drive to Tainan Court from Tainan Intersection on the Highway through Dong Men Road. It is approximately 1 kilometer to Tainan Train Station in good traffic. (Please see Annex II for location.)
(ii)Judges of the Court arrive at Tainan Court to open the court sessions periodically for appeal cases from Tainan, Chiayi and Yunlin, etc. Staff to receive the public and to give advice and assistance for appeals are available to serve the people there.
Address:No.180, Xingnan Rd., Nanzi Dist., Kaohsiung City 811, Taiwan (R.O.C.)﹙zip:81167﹚∣Phone:07-3573700
Tainan Address:No.6, Ln. 125, Sec. 1, Zhongyi Rd., West Central Dist., Tainan City 700, Taiwan (R.O.C.)﹙zip:70045﹚∣phone:06-2160710
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