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 Administrative Litigation System
 Two-Level Two Instance
 Types of Litigations
 General Litigation Procedures and Simple Litigation Procedures
 Procedures for Retrials
 Preservation Procedures
 Applicability of Civil Procedure Code
 Address of the Court and Jurisdiction Areas
 Organization System
 Establishment of Tainan Court for the Benefit of People in Yunlin, Chiayi and Tainan
 Characteristics and Achievements
The Administrative Appeal Act is a complete and advanced procedural act.
The amendment and promulgation of this Act is a new milestone in the development of the administrative appeal system in Taiwan. It ensures the channels for administrative remedies are more diversified and specific. Not only can it correct the improper results of administration behavior and protect the rights of the public, but it also ensures the legal exercise of the administrative rights of the country. As a part of the administrative appeal system, the Court has to do its best to correct improper behavior and protect the rights of people.
In trials, we shall handle every case promptly and properly according to the law and hand down just sentences. In administration, based on the concept of ¨Justice is for everyone¨, we will continue our measures to facilitate people with courtesy and improve our software and hardware in order to meet people's requirements.
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