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Kaohsiung High Administrative Court




The Court is in charge of juridical business of administrative litigation to protect people9 s rights, ensure the legal exercise of national administrative rights, and make judgments independently in accordance with laws. In the spirit of justice for the people, the Court has increased the quality of service and implemented the service to people to improve judgment, and the administrative quality and efficiency of jurisdiction.

Kaohsiung High Administrative Court-Court Pillar

The new system of administrative litigation has been in effect since September, 2012. To implement the new system smoothly, the Court positively plans and manages the systematic reform related businesses in compliance with the Judicial Yuan to cope with appeals and motions to set aside court rulings of traffic judgment proceeding cases and simple proceeding cases of the high administrative court. In addition to strengthening capabilities, carrying out responsibilities, and doing their best, the Court staff will uphold the concepts of professionalism, justice, service and growth, and the attitudes of pursuing brilliance and excellence to work together to achieve jurisdiction with integrity, high-quality and excellence while facing the new challenge of the implementation of new administrative litigation.

  • Release Date:2021-04-29
  • Update:2021-06-24